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Question Timing chain

Hi, how are you all doing, enjoying spring I hope. I live up north here in Alberta Canada, and it is just starting to warm up, today was not bad.

I have a 1984 Honda 200 TRX fourtrax. The timing chain broke on it(overhead cam), I have a new one and am trying to install it. I need to know the timing for it. What marks to use? There is a paint mark on the new timing chain and a mark on the sprocket on the cam shaft, but none on the lower sprocket. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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Just a WAG,but the piston should be at TDC while lining up the marks on chain and cam sprocket. I think a Clymers manual would really pay for itself at this point in time. I bought one for my Suzuki ATV and couldn't do w/o it.
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you realy need a factory manuel and use it. your no 1 cylinder will need to be on tdc also before you can properly time the engine.
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Thanks for the advice Speedwrench and mla2ofus, but this engine only has one cylinder. Yes a manual would be nice, but thats not an option right now. I was hopping for a little more advanced advice from this site, but, oh well, beggers can't be choosey.
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As I said before,it's just a wild a**ed guess. That's why I suggested a manual. Hopefully someone who really knows will come to your aid.
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dont know if you got it by now.
but put the cam lobes at 4 an 8 oclock.

take the side cover peak holes off, there will be a mark on the case, usually an arrow type, then turn the engine over to piston is tdc, and there will be a T mark on the flywheel, line that up with the mark on the case arrow. there is probably a line across the cam sprocket
that will be level with the head it goes into
all these have to be in line.
there will be no pressure on the valves at this time, so they can be adjusted too.

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