Attach lawnmower engine to mountainbike???


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Attach lawnmower engine to mountainbike???

I have the following:
- 4.5 HP Briggs and Stratton lawn mower
- mountain bike

I want to do the following:
I want to attach the engine from the lawn mower onto the mountain bike in such a way that the motor propels the bike forward. Some people call this a moped, some call it a scooter, yet others call it a motorized bicycle, -whatever it's called, I want to get this thing built.

What other parts do I need to get? Can anyone give me a list of all other parts that are needed for this task so I can get them. Where can I get the parts from?
If you were to do this project how long will it take you to complete it?

Also, how fast do you think this will be able to go?
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If the engine is a vertical shaft,you need to find a horizontal shaft engine first. I'm sure there are lots of different ways to do it available on the internet.
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Here's a better way. Your idea is dangerous. The motor is too heavy. Besides, you'll need all kinds of gear reduction to get it to work.

*Use the motor from a weed whacker.
*Attach the equivalent of a 9/16" socket to the shaft.
*Mount the motor so the socket presses against the tire, either front or back.
*It will go approx 30mph.
My son did this and it ran great.
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Im selling a 5 hp b&s horizontal shaft engine with less that 20 hours running time one it. If you really want it to go fast i would use a horizontal shaft 3.5-5 hp engine on it. IF you are interested in buying my engine i can send you pics and a short video of it running.
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how much for the engine?

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