Club Car Charger


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Club Car Charger

My 48 v. Club Car PowerDrive 2 charger has ceased working. The integral breaker is not tripped (I checked itís continuity). I checked that I am getting 120 power through the line set to the charger. I replaced the silicon bridge rectifier and the power relay. A continuity check of both the primary and secondary windings checks OK. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks
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100 viewings and not a single suggestion! Well, fyi, I was able to resolve the problem. I learned that this type of charger does not put out any voltage until it is actually plugged into a battery source. The problem was a corroded wire within my golf cart. All is well.
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model 22110 charger

my club car charger modell 22110 stopped working.

could I have blown the internal circuit breaker
and how to repair it.

I appears to have a switch mechanism with no action
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I have a similar problem

When I jump the block my charger works fine. If I don't run the cart to low its okay. But if it sits for a couple of weeks the charger shuts down. I have jumped the charger and brought the cell back to proper specific gravity(new batteries) as Trojan suggested but I am still having a problem. I will look for corrosion > I do know my fuse is smoky looking but not blown. Help.

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