1984 Honda 90~Trouble Starting~HELP!!


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1984 Honda 90~Trouble Starting~HELP!!

Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at this. This 1980 Honda 90 dirt bike just won't start. Got good compression, fire from the plug and gas in the carb. The bike has been parked for some time, like 2 years. Any and all suggestions wil be greatly appreciated.
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Clean carb, Fresh gas?

Good Luck And have a great day
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Take all the gas out of it first - carb, too. Then put about a half gallon of gas with a high concentration of carb cleaner in it. Let the float bowl fill, then full choke and no throttle - kick it over about five times. Let it sit for half an hour. Then turn off the gas from the tank or pinch the line shut.

Then full throttle, no choke, spark plug out, kick it over about five or ten times. That will purge all the carb cleaner from the carb.

Now add a couple tablespoons of gas directly into the cylinder through the spark plug hole, replace plug, and try to start it with half throttle, no choke. If you have good ignition and compression it should try to start. If it does, finish filling the tank with straight gas, turn it on to the carb.

Then half throttle, half choke, ignition on and kick it.
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Have an old motorcycle with POINTS that is very tempermental about sitting in storage for a long time... Kick Start..

Tie a rope and tow it in high gear with an ATV for about 2-3 miles. It'll start firing eventually. I think it has more to do with working out all the moisture. Once the engine gets hot, all the problems seem to fade away like there never was one. Starts on one kick.

I've had to do this so many times, I don't even try anything else.

Next time you want to store it, use Sta-Bil and dump the gas in the bowl. That's the very bottom screw on your carb. Also, put a big baloon over your exhaust.

Most folks just stash the machines when they leave camp. Mice build nests in the intakes and exhaust, bugs move into the high voltage area, rust on the chain...

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