96 ez-go


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Smile 96 ez-go

i have a 96 ez-go that sat idle for about 6 months when i started to use it i drained all fuel and replaced the battery. the engine started and ran for about 15 seconds and has not started since it seems to fire 1 time very weak when you try to start it. any suggestions appreciated
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When in doubt I always start with fuel.

Puting in new fuel does not hurt but it does nothing about the old fuel & dirt in the carb. and fuel lines. That initial 15 second run could have been just long enough to suck a piece of dirt or varnish into a tiny passage or jet inside the carb.

You can remove the air filter and put a teaspoon of gas down the throat of the carb (or give it ONE small shot of ether) and see if it fires or runs for a few seconds. If so, you probably have a clogged carb.

If you are a thorough type person:
remove and disassemble the carb. and soak overnight in carb cleaner
give the carb a good clening making sure the jets and all passages are clear
replace fuel filter and fuel lines
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Cool 96 ez-go

did it all still no spark except for the very first time that you push the accelerator down. maybe the coil!!!
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Angry 96 ez-go

took the coil off and swapped out this is not the problem.maybe the ignitor or flywheel. what about the switch?
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96 ezgo

sound like the ignitor, make sure you have a good connection with the 2 wires that go to the coil, i have had them just quit in the middle of doing morning chores. (mowing greens)
also give the 2 coil wires a clockwise twist to insure a good connection, hope this helps, chris

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