Yamaha Golf Cart Won't Start


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Yamaha Golf Cart Won't Start

I have a Yamaha 2-cycle engine golf cart that suddenly will not start. It's an older model that starts by pulling the choke and turning the key to forward or reverse while depressing the gas pedal. The reverse alarm still sounds so I don't think that it is the battery, but I haven't tried to jump start it. I replaced two 10amp fuses and cleaned the battery terminals. It has gas and oil. Other than the reverse alarm it will not make a sound and the engine does not try to start. Nothing. Any help or ideas is really appreciated.
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If there's no click I guess the starter solenoid is not pulling in so it's the solenoid or upstream of this little muvva'.
I suppose the solenoid armature could be seized, but I've never seen one do that.

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I know these carts well. I can tell you the connections HAVE to be clean @ the battery & also between the clamps & the cables if they have ever been replaced.. Check the battery voltage @ the terminals while cranking the engine.. This is like a load test.. I'm thinking a battery, but give us the reading & clean the clamp wires if you have changed the clamps & let us know!! Roger
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Check the wires from the Pedal to the Solinoid. Generally there are a couple of connections. If they should come apart or loose you will not have power to start. This has happened to mine several times. They run under the cart and are subject to ground cover if driven of road.
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Thank you all very much for the valuable advice. The problem did seem to be loose wiring. We tightened things up a bit and the cart is running just fine again.
This is a great forum and I cannot thank you enough for your responses to my problem.

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