sanyo golf cart w/kawasaki motor ignition problem


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sanyo golf cart w/kawasaki motor ignition problem

I have a sanyo golf cart w/kawasaki motor and it seems to have a bit of a problem. It will run fine until it gets to a high rpm and then it just shuts down. I can floor it and it will start climbing but once it get up there it shuts down completely. I am totally stumped, so if anyone out there can help me! lol
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Does it have a rev. limiter or govenor?
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It does have both a rev limiter & a speed govenor. You say "It shuts down completley" as in "it stalls & won't start??" or it reaches speed & the govenor /rev limiter start to shut it down /slow it down?? Let us know & we'll take it from there.... Roger
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thats kind of the problem. everything on the golf cart is written in japanese and I can't seem to find anything on it anywhere on the net. i did notice today that there are two relays under the seat compartment. when the cart starts up it runs a "self-diagnostics" to check the brakes and such. there is an arm that rotates around and activates the relays. if everything is a greenlight then the arm will stop at the top relay and stay there. when i was driving it today i zip tied the top relay in place, when whatever it is that shuts down the system did it's thing the arm moved away from the top relay which normally would have shut down the motor. With the top relay zip tied the motor did not shut down and allowed me to reach an even higher top speed than before. Problem is, that the relay has to be freed up to run the start up diagnostics. Is there a way to get around these safety relays?

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