Not running


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Not running

I have a 1996 G 14 yamaha golf cart. Ran fine up until a couple days ago. It will run until I stop. Then it wont turn over. Pushing on the gas does nothing. Sounds electrical, but everything appears fine. When I have someone pull me, it starts up again. Any ideas? Thanks, Jeff
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not running

maybe a dead spot in the starter/generator, next time this happens lift the seat and turn the drive clutch with the starter/generator belt on it a 1/4-1/2 turn and try to start it up, if it starts thats the problem
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Without seeing it, I guess the cranking circuit is a battery, ig. switch and solenoid, all in series. The solenoid switches on the heavy current through the starter motor.
Logically, it's an AND circuit; all have to work.

You might be able to troubleshoot with just a 12v bulb hooked to pigtail leads. Old taillights with only one filament working are good for this.

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