Honda GX120-118cm Engine~INFO NEEDED~


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Honda GX120-118cm Engine~INFO NEEDED~

Hello and thanks for offering your facts and opinions. This go-cart engine appears to have no compression (very weak pull on the starter rope and no pressure out the exhaust) Getting good fire and the engine appears to have been well kept. Any info about this engine such as year, hp, rebuild, repair, parts availability, is it worth trying to fix or not, etc. will be greatly appreciated by me and the Grandkids!! Have a great day and God Bless America.........
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That's a 4hp engine.

First check the movement of the valves and valve clearances on that engine. Some of the Honda GX series had premature cam failure.

After that put a couple of ounces of 30w oil in the cylinder, pull the starter a couple of times to distribute it and blow out the excess, then check the compression. It will tell you if the rings are bad.

Price to fix if it's in the cylinder would depend on whether the cylinder was serviceable. Then if the piston was OK. If you get past those two, replacing the rings wouldn't cost a lot = just labor and about $25.00 for rings and a head gasket.

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