Probs with 83 500 virago


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Probs with 83 500 virago

Any help much appreciated,

My battery is new bike dies while riding, not charging. Any troubleshooting or advice would be awesome.
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check alternator output at rectifier. should be 3 yellow wires in a plug going to rectifier, back probe these with digital volt meter, with engine running above 3000 rpm should read about 60 volts. If this voltage is correct the rectifier/regulator is bad. If voltage is not correct than probably alternator rotor or stator.
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Cool uhhhh

just a note,, the VOM ( volt ohm meter) will not read AC voltage in the DC mode. If you ask me how I know I will swear that I read about some dummy that wasted an hour doing the same test on a riding mower.........

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