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Hey all,
First time on this site - looks good. I bought an 86 honda fourtrax 350 late spring. Man, I should have looked closer - this thing was beat. I bought it mostly to plow snow. Had it out in the summer to harrow a field. Ended up having to re-seal and bearing rear axle and diff. Got that done, put a few hours on it, and now it won't start. I've got fuel, good spark. I am pretty sure I have a timing chain issue. The thing backfired pretty hard just before it quit. Question I have is this: can I remove valve cover and cam timing gear without pulling the engine? It looks like I can if I pull the air box out and remove top mounts?? Thanks
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may just need a valve adjustment on them as they ware they get tight.take off covers spin motor to tdc compression and feel if their is any play id guess the intake valves will be tight and need adjustment.common problem
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When you get the engine to tdc BOTH valve should have a little play. You need to grab the rocker arm and wiggle it up and down if no play then adjust. Also check timing gear marks for proper timing, one tooth off can cause probs.

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