water in carbuerators on 2005 banshee????


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water in carbuerators on 2005 banshee????

I took my air filter off to clean while I was washing my banshee,& accidentley got water in the carbs,what do i do??????
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You may just gotten water down the carb throat. In that case you probably don't have anything in the float bowls.

I would just pull the spark plugs, spin in over about a dozen times, then put it back together and see if it starts. If does, just check the oil and run it. I doubt if you'll have problems because of it. But don't let it sit for a long time before you do anything - you don't want any rusted parts.

In case it doesn't start, pull the float bowls off and dump the contents. If you have a drain on them, drain them that way.
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I agree, pull the plugs and ground the plug wires as to not damage the electronics. Crank it over and while cranking, push your thumb over the plug holes to get some compression pressure to push the water out the exhaust. Replace the spark plugs but don't tighten them in tight. Leave them loose and put the plug wires on them and try to fire it up. Run it like that for only a minute. Then tighten the plugs down and go ride the banshee out of it to clear any residual water from the internals.

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