honda 300 fourtrax engine rattle


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Question honda 300 fourtrax engine rattle

I recently bought my son what I have been told is a 1998 300 fourtrax. I had to put a carb on it to get it to idle.After that I noticed it had an engine rattle. Sounded like the valves needed adjusting. I adujusted the valves but it did not help the noise. Could this be a timing chain tensioner or something else.

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It's hard to say just on the description of a rattle. Excessive valve clearances will get you a noisy engine, but usually it's a clicking sound. On an overhead cam engine timing chain tension and/or guides can give you some noise.

On a more serious note - wrist pins or piston slap in a loose bore will shake things up a little.

Also if you're getting detonation from advance timing or poor fuel you would get a fairly obvious rattle.
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Thanks for the insight. I know the noise is hard to describe much less try to tell someone what you think it maybe. It does however seem to be worse when you first start it up and as it warms up it does quieten down a little but never goes away. Is the tensioner oil fed oe is it just spring loaded?

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