too cheap for new track


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too cheap for new track

I have an 87 skandic 377R I picked up for $125 last winter. I thought it was a pretty good deal considering it had a new windshield, redone seat, decent hood, and ran. It also had a bill for $350 in the center of the owners manual from where they had the engine rebuilt a couple years ago. So I thought it would be a good ice fishing sled: light, long, 2 up seat ect. However the one problem it had was some bent up track clips and worn slides. I took it apart replaced the slides, bent back the track clips and put it back togeather. However the track seems to be in good shape but must be stretched out since with the tensioner all the way back there is still an inch or more of space between the track and the slides. So I rode it anyway and the track moves so much it ate the sides of the sliders off and kept slidding off when you go around a turn and bad things happened. So know I want to fix it but a new track id $450 and I am definatly not spending that kind of coin on this old sled. One guy mentioned to me I should take where the suspension bolts to the tunnel and move it back some so I can put more tension on the track. I looked and I will have to move a trillion rivets and redrill holes. So before I do this does anyone have any ideas and how far should I move the suspension back. I was thinking about 1.25" or so. Oh and also what does anyone know about track clips. I am now missing quite a few. Thanks
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While I have no idea what the track looks like, is it possible that it is made up of a number of individual pieces hooked together to make the track. If so, could you remove one section ( like links out of a bike chain) and effectively shorten the track?

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