1982 Honda CB650 - Not Winterized Properly


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1982 Honda CB650 - Not Winterized Properly

I've got a 1982 Honda CB650 that's been sitting in my unheated garage for at least 2 winters since it was last driven. So far it's survived a total of a month at minus 40C over the two winters, which in my location can last 5-6 months. It's been in there with a full tank of gas but no fuel stabilizer. The battery has been removed. I'd like to get it on the road this spring, but am concerned that at this point the gas tank will be badly corroded on the inside. Last time I had it out, an exhaust valve in one of the cylinders was stuck open, which is unrelated although concerning as well. I'm willing to spend any amount of cash in the spring to get it going, but I'm wondering if there is anything I can do right now that will help me in the spring. Is reconditioning the gas tank even an option? It is better to drain the fuel?
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You probably aren't concerned about getting it started right now, but I would drain the fuel tank and the carburetor bowls. Then add about a quart of gasoline with some stabilizer in it and let that fill the carburetor float bowls. Then pull the tank off, dump the fuel, remove any rubber or plastic parts/filter, etc. and rinse it out really well with water laced with laundry spray and wash. Then rinse with clean water and put some rust dissolver, like naval jelly in the tank.

Give that a couple of hours to work, then take it out and use about 1/2 lb of 1/4 inch nuts to shake around inside the tank. do it for about five minutes at a time, then rinse and do it again. The nuts will take the rust particles out. Keep doing this until you get clean water. Then dry the inside out with a hair dryer and spray the inside with WD40 or a similar aerosol oil. That should hold it until spring.
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If it was my bike..........
I would drain tank--fill w/ fresh gas w/ stabilizer.......
Drain carb. bowls
Open petcock to fill bowls....
Buy new battery.........
If bike will not start...........
You may have to rebuild carbs........
I always let my 86 magna sit all winter--gas in carbs---did nothing-
bike always started in spring.
My youngest did that to his Yamaha 600--we had to junk the bike.............
Have fun.................
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Some good advice, thanks all
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Used to be that JCWhitney sold an expoxy kit to coat the inside of fuel tanks that had corroded. I used it on my old Honda, and it has kept more rust from forming. There were two components, an acid cleaner and an expoxy coating. Cleaned with the mild acid, drained, and flushed. Allowed to dry, and mixed the expoxy, removed the petcock and the tubes that ran from side to side (under the frame), plugged all holes, and poured the mix into the tank. Cover the gas cap, and rotate the tank to coat all surfaces. Let some epoxy drain out of the petcock and tubes to make sure they were not plugged and let it dry.
It left a whitish coating on the inside surface. No more rust.

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