Bought a go cart. Need help!


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Unhappy Bought a go cart. Need help!

Ok so picked up a go cart with a 5hp flathead Briggs and Stratton. It's single seater with 6" wheels and tires. So far I've replaced the tubes and tires, changed the air filter, oil, and spark plug. I need some help from here on out though.

I know the cart sat for 6 or 7 months. It's a cold starter but will start with starting fluid. Once warmed up for around 5 to 10 mins it will run fairly smoothly and won't cut out. It bogs down during initial acceleration but picks up further down the rpm range.

I've noticed that the clutch engages while idling and sometimes even during starting it (which causes it to stall).

It's quick but I don't think it's as fast as it should be. It probably gets up around 20-25 mph max. I'm about 180 lbs if that makes a difference.

Any tips? Should I replace the clutch? Why is it engaging so early? I've adjusted the idle but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference.

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You could have a little rust or corrosion on the drum. That may work itself out or you can clean it with a little emery cloth. Or the engagement mechanism may be rough and hanging up. Try a little penetrating oil, taking care not to get any on the linings.

The other possibility is the retraction springs in the clutch may be broken. If so replace those.

As far as performance get some Sea Foam from Walmart or an auto parts store. Put it in the gas and oil according to directions on the can. It can really make a difference. Other normal service things like spark plug, tire air pressure, and good fuel should be given attention.
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Did you put all new fuel in it? I would just replace the clutch. When the clutch spins,oil will get on the pads in the clutch and it will slip. They are not expensive.
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Clutches for yard carts are very inexpensive. If you want to be able to "tune" your cart a bit do a web search for "kart parts" make sure you spell kart with a "k". This will lead you to sites for the racing go karts. There are many, many clutches available. They will be more expensive but you will have the option of changing sprocket sizes so you can set your cart up more for accelleration or top end speed.
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So if I were to get a different clutch do I want more teeth or less to increase top speed?
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More teeth (larger diameter) on your clutch will give you a higher top speed but it will cost you acceleration.

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