89 Honda Fourtrax


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89 Honda Fourtrax

Hey folks, I've been after my brother for years to sell me his 300 fourtrax because he never road it,I would gurantee there is'nt no more than 500hrs on this "89" model. Anyways I finally got it from him and knew the carb would have to be worked on if not replaced cause it's been sitting for 4 or 5 yrs. Any suggestions on what all should be done.Thanks!!
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One of the first things you should do is check and see if there are any parts missing in the carb. if there are replace the part missing then take the carb apart completely and make sure u no were the parts go back then clean it nice and good so that no dirt gets in the fuel line and makes the atv sputter. Then when u get it cleaned put it all back together and then put it on the bike if there are any problems with it then obviously something will not be right so u need another part fixed or some parts may have been put together wrong after its running on the bike fine ajust the idelor so that the bike is ideling at a speed in which it will stay running. Remember when u take apart the carb theres some pretty small pieces like the needle valve that could easily be lost so do it in a place were theres lots of room to work with and no places were something could get lost easily hope this works out for you!! By the way make sure the needle is set on the right slot so that way you get the best running condition out of your bike!!! Also if theres any wear on the needle then that could mean it needs to be replaced the bike wil bog out alot if theres any wear! best of luck hope i helped you!!!
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honda fourtrax

u didn't say whether or not this machine runs.....if it does, the first thing i'd do is get a can of stuff called 'sea foam' (its a gas treatment that cleans the inside of things while its running). i pick it up at napa auto parts, but u can probably find it almost anywhere they sell automotive supplies. pour some in the gas tank and let it do its work while u ride. u can also let it idle for a while after u add seafoam to ur gas, then let it sit for a day and take it for a ride. the stuff will work while its sitting and the varnish will then wash out while u ride.

i don't sell the stuff, but am an advocate of it. every small engine i own has it in the gas...i also make sure i put it in my weedeaters, snowblower, atvs, rototillers, etc, etc, before i put them away for the season. next year, just start them up and away u go.

regards, gerry
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older better

First 350 i got sat for 10 years so heres the list,

take carb off and have it soaked over night. dealer will do for you if you dont know how.

new oil filter, new oil, new fuel filter and new air cleaner(check mine had family of 4 mice, once carb all cleaned put new fuel and treatment in gas, octane boost any brand works, reinstall carb charge battery and roll over 20 times before conecting spark plug. Once plug connected Beer 4U2install crank until starts keep going and going and going........

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