yamaha beartracker 230


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Question yamaha beartracker 230

I have a 2001 yamaha beartracker 230. The bike ran great until we rode it in the mud the other day. Now it'll start but doesn't run consistantly. Sometimes it won't start at all. It isn't getting spark so I replaced the ignition coil, spark plug boot, and spark plug but it still isn't running right. Any suggestions?
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To make sure we're on the same page.... Everything was working fine/ you rode in the mud/ it started acting up and not starting/ you checked it for spark and found none/ then replaced the ignition parts you mentioned and it starts but still acts up/ now you have no spark?

If it is ignition you would have the CDI box which regulates timing and a few other things. That could have gone bad. It could be coincidental you were riding in mud at the time.

Barring coincidence and pointing to the mud riding as what caused the problem, I would say you have gotten water in an electrical connection. That could be at the ignition components in the harness or at the ignition switch. If that is the case I would try spraying those places with WD40 to try to displace the moisture. Otherwise, just starting it and running it for a while may get rid of the problem.

If you haven't aren't completely sure it is ignition oriented, think about fuel cap, dirty fuel, carb.... that sort of thing.
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thanks for the suggestions. I'll try that out and let you know. Again thank you very much.

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