how do i know an engine rebuild is necessary?


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how do i know an engine rebuild is necessary?

I have a 1984 Honda VF700F Interceptor I bought for $100. Ignition is stripped, gas tank is off, pretty much anything that would allow me to try to start the bike normally is gone. How can I test the engine and know whether or not I need to rebuild? I have heard of doing a compression test by just hooking up a gauge to each cylinder and cranking the engine manually. Is this correct? Thanks!

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You can do the compression test like you described and it will tell you something about the engine valves,cylinders/rings, etc. or you can do a leak down test, which will tell you a lot more about the condition of the piston rings and cylinder walls.

Really, I wouldn't get too excited about compression testing until you have the parts on it to start it if you know you want to get it going again. There are a lot of parts in that engine that may dictate scrapping it altogether and the compression testing wouldn't point to any of them.

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