grizzly 600 4x4 lost spark I need parts and help


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grizzly 600 4x4 lost spark I need parts and help

I bought this grizzly 600 not too long ago when I did he told me it was hard to start if you let it sit for more then a week or two. the starter relay was bad and he was jumbing it with a screw driver. after I got it home I changed the battery and was told at the shop the battery was too small for that size motor. I put the one in it that was the right size. a few times when I tried starting it would not. I thought the carb was gummed up so I cleaned it and didn't see anything inside it. it wouldn't start before winter so I got a new spark plug and it had lost spark. I had just ordered the starter relay so when I put the new relay in it started and ran and I rode it a few times with no problems. now that winter is here I lost spark again.???? I have never heared of this kind of problem (relay).?? I got a used cdi box and tried it and it didnt help. I need to get a manual,coil,cdi box,stator w/pick-up coil,rectfier.?? I'm a family man and don't have a ton of cash to put into this. I hope it is a small problem or someone can help me out with parts or tech help. sorry this is long I just want you know where I'm at Thanks.
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I'd start with the manual - they're about $25.00 and a good investment.

As far as your ignition, if you look back at the posts in this same forum you'll find another with the same problem and some of the parts he's fought through to get his machine going. We're waiting to hear back from him after putting in another stator.

For you, I would get the manual and an ohm meter to check some of the things out which you've mentioned. Keep in mind any one of those in addition to a bad connection, ignition switch or relay can cause a no spark situation. Not all of those have to be replaced, so check everything you can without buying parts. Just the parts you mentioned, new, would run over $500.00. The service manual and ohm meter will help a lot.

CDI boxes and stator/rectifier seem to show up a lot on those. Either of those would give you the symptoms you've described. A coil going bad will either give out altogether or act up, die, cool down run for a short time, then do the same thing again.

Once you find out where all your relays and switches (ignition/kill,neutral safety, etc.) you can jumper across or around those to determine if one of those is the problem.

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