Charger wiring


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Charger wiring

I am restoring a Power Wise 36V charger. I am waiting for an input board which should be here next week. In the meantime I have wiring question. The transformer secondary has two wires coming out, which at the moment they are spliced together bypassing the output meter. There are 43V present at the wires. (The charger and input boards are out of the circuit).
There is a 50A fuse connected at one side of the meter. I am assuming the two transformer wires were connected together because the 50A fuse was open.
Once The fuse and the board are replaced, how are these two wires connected?
I understand that the meter has to be in series with the load. I just don't understand why there are two hot wires coming out. I don't have a wiring diagram and I am just being cautious.
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powerwise wire diagram

NCMau, i have a book on the very same charger you are working on i have to go to my shop and get it, ill scan the pages you need to completly rewire if needed the 36v powerwise charger, be back in about an hour with the pages. might need to email the pages direcly to you, we'll see what happends.
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My dog just chewed through my laptop charger's wire and I REALLY don't want to go buy a new one...Is there a good way to repair it? I tried to tape it with electrical tape earlier but it was either nothing at all or some freaky sparks. I don't want to try anything else because I don't wanna end up zapped or dead.
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Aberle: You have placed your computer question inside a thread in the motorcycle, snowmobiles and go-carts forum. If you post your question in the computer forum I think you will get the help you need.
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sorry about the upside down pic

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