my scooter is dead HELP


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Unhappy my scooter is dead HELP

hey every one im new to this site im not to sure how to use it lol but i have a couple problems with my scooter its not starting at all i think it might be my spark plug but i got my scooter second hand and im not sure what size i need i have my old spark plug talek out but its really rusty and dirty and the only thinig it says on it is "NGK R " so if some one could tell me wat size of spark plug i need it would be great .... and also i ran out of oil completly while driving ... i know dumb thing to do .... and so i got some oil and put it in and it filled up but then only would make it for like 100 yards then would just like tataly shut off and i could start it again but it would do the samee thing ,,,, it did this 3 times and then never started again after that ... i have had it in my garage all winter and just got it out to day and it still dosnt start .... please if some one could help me it would be awesome sorry bout the long post
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Why don't you start by telling us what type of scooter you have: Brand, model, 2 stroke or 4 stroke...
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If you ran it out of oil, & if it's a 2 stroke, Pull the exhaust from the cylinder & check for scoring on the piston or cylinder.. If it was run without oil, be it a 2 or 4 stroke, I only assume the engine will need some major repairs... Hope I'm wrong,, Roger

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