need cushman 3wheeler tire


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need cushman 3wheeler tire

i have an old 3 wheel cushman that i popped the front tire on. it had a tube in it but thats junk and so is the tire. the tire says 8.00x6.00. any idea where i can find and tire and tube for this thing? theres a tire and tube on ebay for $63. wasnt really looking to spend that much so if anyone knows where i can find one cheaper let me know.

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Check the local tire shops & parts/small engine shops. It's not an unusual tire, but because it's for a recreation vehicle, the price seems steep. Shop around, but don't be supprised if that is the going price.. Roger
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Wow I had one of those in the early 70's. It plowed right over the snow when most cars were getting stuck, it was fun for around town errands. I purchased the inner tube from a place called "A-Tire" (a large car and truck repair shop) in Round Lake, Il. I doubt though it MIGHT BE CALLED "A-1 Tire"

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