solenoid for 18 hp briggs

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solenoid for 18 hp briggs

The solenoid has 2 large brass terminals on top and 2 smaller terminals on bottom. Can I test the solenoid somehow? Does it matter which of the large brass terminals gets 12v and which goes to the starter. Basically I guess,how do you wire a solenoid? Squirrels ate the old wires.
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You can do an online search for "solenoid wiring". If using Google select "images" at the top of the page and you will see many diagrams showing how to wire a solenoid.
The case of the solenoid is grounded via it's metal mounting base to the negative terminal of the battery. A large wire goes from the + battery to a large terminal on the solenoid. The other large terminal on the solenoid gets connected to the starter. The ignition switch is connected to the small terminal "S" on the solenoid.

Since the solenoid is grounded via its case you only need provide + to the "S" terminal to energize the solenoid which completes the connection between the two big terminals sending power to the starter.
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Testing a solenoid is a snap if you have a voltmeter that can check continuity. The 2 large terminals should check 'open' until you connect a 12 volt battery across the 2 small terminals and then the large terminals should check 'shorted'. It is really just a switch where a small current can control a large current.

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