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there is gas coming out of the vent line on the bottom of my carb and I can't find out why. I've cleaned the carb and it still doing it. There is also no way to adjust the float.
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It's likely not an adjustment that you need. The problem is more likely in the float (not floating) or in the float valve not sealing at the seat like it should.

I would take it apart and unless you see something in the float valve seat that could account for the leaking, replace the float and the float valve.
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I have three of these, the trick to setting the float, is hold the carb upside down with the bowl off, the float should be level. If not bend the small tab that pushes the needle till it's level. There is a great site, that is only about Odysseys's and is free the site is pilotodyssey.com great group of guys.


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