still puzzled by the Suzuki 1400

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still puzzled by the Suzuki 1400

For those following along my last post on this 1997 Suzuki 1400 Intruder..( ) is the latest. It starts fine, runs fine around the block (other than the exhaust popping still) and stops fine. I am still puzzled by the fact that I can rest my hand on the front cyl. exhaust even after riding it for about 15 mintues (the rear cyl. is darn hot). I pulled the plugs, the rear looks normal, the front is a little dark but not wet. I posted a video on the photobucket page of me holding a piece of paper to each exhaust pipe (right side is front cyl). suzuki1400 pictures by duigoose - Photobucket Anyone have ideas? The owner should be home in a month or so and I'd like to give her some news.
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Both the popping and temperature difference is unusual. I really don't see how the exhaust pipe on the front cylinder could anything but too hot to touch.

The exhaust popping could be the mixture is too lean or the compression release is allowing a valve to stay open. If the popping is on the same cylinder as the low temperature the two could be related.
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sounds like front cylinder is not firing

go to Intruder Alert and ask in the tech section

P.S. after reading entire original post, I'd say pull the exhaust pipe and shine a light at the valve to see if it is sticking or has carbon holding it open, and maybe pull the valve cover and see if the valve will move?

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