2001 Yamaha Warrior


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2001 Yamaha Warrior

350 Warrior. No spark. any way to test coil? i removed the ground to isolate the unit and still no spark. theres orange wire that goes to the coil. im assuming its a trigger or something..either way it comes from the cdi box. is that puttin 12v to the coil or? how do i check to see if coil or cdi box is bad? any input is appreicated.

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need an ohm meter.

primary coil checking, set meter to ohms, put red wire on mount bracket of coil, neg black wire to small wire from coil (not wire for plug). should read 0.36-0.48 for 2001 warrior.

check secondary ohm, again, red wire to spark plug cap, black wire to wire from coil, reading should be 5.44-7.36

have you tried another cdi, pretty common with yamaha warriors.

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