1998 yamaha big bear

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1998 yamaha big bear

Hi everyone. I am new to site and have a question/problem. I have a 98 big bear and when i push the start button for electric start my neutral light and oil temp lights light up but the starter does not engage, it seems that i have enough power in the battery. the battery is brand new and i had it on trickle charge overnight prior to installing. I can pull cord start the machine no problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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You might move the shifter around a little to see if that makes any difference. The tranny may not be in neutral. If that doesn't help you need to look for the solenoid for the starter. Just follow the battery cable. It should lead you to it.

There would be two cables connected to it. One would be input from the battery and other would lead out of the solenoid to the starter. Go around the solenoid with a jumper. If that spins the starter check the activation wire for current. It would be a small wire connected to the solenoid. If it has current when the key is in the start position and cuts current when the start button is released, you will need a new starter solenoid.
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big bear

Its most likely the starter solenoid, pretty common on yamaha quads. Just try jumping it with a screwdriver with the igniton key on, quad in neutral position.
The oil temp light should light upon starting.

There is a fuse back in the area of the solenoid to check too.

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