Bike breaks while running


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Bike breaks while running


I have an old Suzuki FZ50 bike. After a while riding for full speed it suddenly looses speed for a few seconds. It feels almost as if the rear break is being activated.
A couple of times it really messed up. The engine suddenly sounded lighter and I hear a grinding noise and it stops. I then let it be turned of for a little while, and then starts the bike again. The problem is gone and I can continue.

What courses this?
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You have a bearing out. It could be in the engine, tranny or wheels.

First check the wheels. Get each of them off the ground and spin them, checking for any side play or roughness or brake drag.

If there is anything in the engine it would kick over hard if you shut if off right while the grinding is occurring, then try to kick it.

I wouldn't ride it a lot until you have it fixed, though.

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