Float adjustment on 77 Suzuki?


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Float adjustment on 77 Suzuki?

I know its kind of odd but I have a 77 Suzuki TM250. The motor has new rings and everything has been redone. It starts great but cuts out after a few minutes then won't start again till it sits a while. Last year it ran great! I was just in the carb blowing it nice and clean however. To me it sounds like a float adjustment not allowing enough gas through. I would have adjusted the float, as I do on old carburators from vehicles, but I don't know what the specs are. Any recomendations? I'm sure you guys know a heck of alot more then me...
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Your problem isn't a float adjustment. It's probably varnish or a plugged filter, if the problem is in the fuel system and it sounds like it could be.

With an older bike, a problem that frequently shows up is rust in the gas tank and the plugging that goes with it. Put a couple of gallons of gas in the tank and disconnect the line from the tank and let it drain out into a clear container. Check the draining for a good even flow, then take a look at what you drained out for foreign material like rust, etc.

If you're OK with the fuel coming out of the tank and the filter is clean put come Sea Foam in the tank and run a little of that through the carb to clean it up. You should see results in a short time (about a hour).

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