Messed up oil change I think?????


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Messed up oil change I think?????

Hey guys whats up? Ok im a rookie at this stuff. Was changing my oil in my 04 yamaha warrior, drained out the bottom (put the drain plug back in) and only partially screwed back in the dipstick and decided to spray off the under guard plate bc I got oil all over it. Finished, took back out the dipstick and filled with the proper 2.5 qt of yamalube oil. The engine started back up, sounded great for a minute, then stalled. I can get the thing started again. It turns over but wont start. Yes it started before the change and directly after. I'm wondering if I got a bit of water in the top bc the dipstick wasn't srewed in all the way (only about 1/3). I didn't spray diretly on the stick area, but i cant remember. Maybe the water went into the carb? Not sure what to do. Should I drain completely again and refill with new oil again? Try draining the carb? Help???
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I am guessing that you got some part of the ignition system wet and it is shorting to ground. I almost bet that if you let it sit for a day or two, letting the water evaporate, it would start right up. If it does not start, check to see if you are getting spark at the plug.

I doubt you got much water in the case through the dipstick but a few drops may have gotten in. Once you get it running. Get the engine warmed up and then run it for another 20-30 minutes after it is fully warmed up and it should evaporate the water out. You might not get the engine up to full temp by just idling so taking it out for a good ride might be needed.
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I did actually try and restarting it this morning and still nothing. I will sit on it for a while though and wait. Thanks much man. Ill try that. Sounds easier than my other alternatives.

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