Possible bad gas in the quad?

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Possible bad gas in the quad?

Hi again. so I finally got my yamaha warrior running again. the thing is that I did not put fuel stabalizer in it last winter and it is really hesitant when I start riding it. Pretty sure the gas is causing this (but Im not sure. Again I am just learning). Any ideas. Ive heard dry gas may be a good additive to collect the moisture. I was also thinking of siphining the gas out, but also dont know how to do so without getting a mouth full. any thoughts. Also if I do go the dry gas route, should I run it dry before adding new gas? Thanks much
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The dry gas wouldn't help what you have. Moisture in your gas isn't, in itself, causing what you have now. Your fuel has varnished and separated.

Try a little Seafoam from an auto parts store.
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Leaving fuel in during long term storage (over winter) is the easiest way to screw-up an engine. If it still runs the sea foam may be able to clean things up. If it is not running or not running properly it's probably time to remove the carb., disassemble and soak it and clean all the internal passages, seats and needles. It's also a good idea to clean the inside of the fuel tank and replace the fuel lines. Even if you drain the old gas and put in new, the varnish formed from the old gas can start to flake loose and will clogg jets and cause problems in the future.

I have gotten in the habit of getting a gallon or two of aviation gas at the end of the summer. I use it for the last tank of the season in my power tools, golf cart, dirt bike... It does not form varnish and does not degrade over time like regular gas for cars. Just take a empty fuel can to the general aviation area of your local airport and ask for 100 low lead (100LL). It does contain lead so do not use it in anything with a catalytic converter. 100LL is also nice because it does not leave your hands smelling like gasoline after it evaporates and it also works well for degreasing and washing parts because it evaporates quickly and cleanly.
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Thumbs down Old Gas.

Drain all the gas out of the tank, lines and carb as much as you can. The carb will likely have varnish in it so it will need to come apart and cleaned. Sea-Foam might do it but you still might have traces of gas seperation so the issue will come back.

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