Yamaha GT80 no spark


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Yamaha GT80 no spark

I recently purchased a 1970's yamaha gt80 and cannot get any spark out of it. It is a two stroke, 80cc bike with a new spark plug. I don't really know what the problem is, maybe breaker points? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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That has a magneto with breaker points/condenser/coil. The spark plug is always first choice (make sure it's grounded when you check for spark) - then wire connections, then points/condenser (replace as a set, but first touch up the points with a file and check for continuity across the points), then coil.

It can also be in the ignition switch. With a continuity tester, that's pretty easy to check out.
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make sure the magnets on the flywheel is free of debris, rust, ect...
clean and adjust the pick ups on the magneto/coil
not much to go wrong with these
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Thanks, I'll try your suggestions. I was also wondering if it needs a battery. It didn't have one when I bought it but I noticed some models do have batteries.

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