Club Car Single Point Watering System


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Club Car Single Point Watering System

I have a single point watering system for a new ClubCar Electric Cart. this system has a plastic valve between the house water hose and the hose that joins the small hoses and fittings that attach semi permanently to the batteries. This valve prevents the system from overfilling the batteries,and it works well, but how? I know it is a simple flow control valve, probably designed to close when the back pressure reaches a certain point, but with all those battery cells it has to feed, I am mystified as to what pressure, if any, forces the valve to close, without bleeding off water like a gas pressure regulator does, and not overflowing at least one of the battery cells.

thanks in advance!
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That's a good question. I assume the valve near the garden hose connection is just a one way valve to prevent any battery water/acid from flowing back into your water hose. I bet there is a small float valve in each battery vent cap that closes off the water flow when that cell is full.
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Single Point Watering System

That makes a lot of sense. I will remove one of the "caps" and let you know.


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