Problem with my Yamaha Breeze


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Problem with my Yamaha Breeze

Hi my name is Jessica and I have a 125 Yamaha Breeze. It has been parked since November and when I went to start it last weekend it would crank up but it was idling really high. I got my uncle to look at it and come to find out the choke was stuck wide open and the float in the carburator was too high so it was flooding itself. So we fixed that and got it to idle right and now it will start but it wont stay running for more than 5 secs. Can anyone please help me figure out what is wrong??? I dont want to take it to a dealer and then come to find out it was something that took 5 mins. to fix after paying an arm and a leg.. I would very much appreciate it if someone could give me a suggestion. THank you!!!!
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Hi Jess.

It's got a little crap in the carburetor. The float probably wasn't set too high, but may have been sticking, so when you get it all cleaned up, the float will have to go back where it was.

A good place to start is a little Sea Foam from a Walmart or an auto parts store. It's about $6 to 8$ a can.

Take all the gas out of your little hot rod gas tank, put about a quart of new gas in it and add about three ounces of Sea Foam. Then start it up, let it run for about five minutes if it will go that long and shut it off. Let it sit for about an hour, add enough gas to fill the tank, and see if it will take off and run for you.

Post back with how it went.
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Thank you for recommending that. I will try it this evening if I have a few spare minutes and let you know if it works!!!!
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If you have a Yamaha dealer nearby, they have a carb cleaner that really worked well on an older bike I had. If Seafoam does not do the job, see if you can get some of the Yamaha cleaner and follow directions.

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