White smoke?


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White smoke?

Hi Guys - Sorry for bothering you keeping asking, i'm actually working on few projects for myself and the family.
This is 2000 Yamaha yzf600R 15k miles oil/filter changed recently
timing chain water pump and clutch replaced, added new battery when it wouldn't crank. Now a white smoke comes out tailpipe
after high rev smoke is noticeable from pipe connection under oilpan but no leaks detected from pan bike runs well at all rpm's, but the smoke gets bad at cruising speed any ideas?
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It's a good indication you have water going into the combustion chamber from the cooling system.

Did you pull the head to do the timing chain or have the head off for other reasons? That's a common place for that to happen.

You'll have to fix it to ride it.

First make sure you don't have some spilled coolant in the exhaust pipes, though. After the pipes are hot and dried out, if you still have the white smoke = back to 1st paragraph.

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