GOLF CART QUESTION?! pleaseee answer thanks!! ( Price, Battery's) THANKS!?


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GOLF CART QUESTION?! pleaseee answer thanks!! ( Price, Battery's) THANKS!?

I'm looking to buy a used golf cart. it has EVERYTHING i would need. new tires, custom seats to match custom rain curtains, , fans, good engine that is faster than normal eletric golf carts 20 mph, brake lights on the front and back, horn. its a club car 1999 ALL FOR 1,125. the only down side the batteries are 2008. ( 2 years old ) but they looked really worn out!?

my main question is do batteris that are 2 years old usual look really worn out? do they still have a long time on them? it seemed extremly fast and powerful when i rode the cart

is this a good price?! ALSO HOW LONG DO BATTERIES LAST?! Thanks sooooo much! any other tip

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Check the individual cells with a hydrometer.. I think what you mean by looking worn out is they'r really dirty & corroded, Right??? Around here most people get 5 or more years on them, but it depends on maintenance,, If there low of water or not cleaned once in a while, the life will be shorter.... Roger
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The battery life depends on the battery. There are Mexican batteries, cheap American batteries and quality batteries. The best golf cart battery is made by Trojan and will run you just a little over $100 each. When you buy a golf cart you need to figure in the replacement of the batteries. Their appearance is a pretty good indication of the care they have been given. Check the water level every month and do not overfill. If you get 5 or more years from your batteries you have been blessed. A simple test I use for battery condition is to place a brick under the back of a rear tire and try to run over it from a dead stop. If the batteries are in good shape it will be no problem.
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Its a good thing that Figpickle & myself replied to your message that sounded as if you needed the info right away.. You must have forgotten to let us know how you made out on this deal,, Or are just getting the info & not taking the time to respond to the people that take the time to help you??? Roger
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Thanks for posting hopkinsr2. Brought this to my attention. Turns out he's a spammer, so he's been banned.

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