honda trx250ex


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honda trx250ex

Looking for tail light for an ATV. Does anyone know if an 04 tail light will fit an 06?
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I went to the website where I buy OEM Honda parts for my ATV since it has part diagrams for all model years. I thought it would be easy to cross check the tail light lens part number for ’04 against ’06 given your model number.

However, ’04 shows the tail light lens (#33710-HN5-670) as being a separate part, and doesn’t show the tail light assembly as able to be purchased. For ’06, it only shows the tail light assembly as able to be purchased w/o showing any individual parts able to be purchased. Interestingly, the ’04 & ’06 diagrams look identical. I tried to trick it by doing a quick parts lookup using #33710-HN5-670 which shows every model/model yr. this part fits . . . it stopped at 2005, TRX250 EX.

At first, I thought that it might be a model year revision starting in 2006 . . . but that doesn’t seem to be born out by the identical diagram for both years unless they used some kind of permanent sealer (and that’s a possibility if water was getting into the tail light assembly).

If I could cleanly remove the ’06 lens, I would gamble by just buying the ’04 lens. If it doesn’t come off cleanly, I suspect they made a change by using some type of permanent sealer, and would buy the assembly. The ’04 tail light lens (#33710-HN5-670) is priced at $9.30 whereas the ’06 tail light assembly (33700-HN1-A71) sells for $26.65.

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