Snowmobile problems


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Snowmobile problems

OKay so my dad went and bought us a couple of used snowmobiles, and yesterday we decided to go ride them for the first time since he bought them. Everything went great untill about 4 miles down the road my artic cat 550 started to slow down. Within seconds it shut off. My dad tried to restart it but the pull start would not pull! Does anyone know how we could fix this ourselfs without sending it in? It would be very helpful...Thanks!
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It would help if you gave us some information. When you say the sled started to slow down do you mean the engine rpm dropped? Was it making any sputtering or missing sounds or was it running smoothly as the engine rpm's dropped.
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Is this an older unit that should have mixed gas & oil?? If so, did it have the correct mix in it?? If it has the auto-lube system, did it have oil in the tank??? What year & model???? Just a couple thoughts,,, Roger
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Really sounds like a lubrication issue. Try the pull start again after it has cooled down and if it's still locked up you may need a lot of engine work.
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it deff sounds like the engine over heated due to poor lubrication either improper oil fuel mixture or a real lack of oil period

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