front tire subtracting load?


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front tire subtracting load?

how could i take less load off the front tires? would decreasing air by a little help? is there another way? i ask this because im only able to drive my off road go kart on my street, kind of ironic huh? lol. anyways i have ribbed street tires, but it seems like they are starting to take a beating and i just got them. how can i take less load off the front to prevent wear and tear?
i know i've been asking alot questions, but i just need to get this go kart stuff figured out, lol.
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You can't take the "load" off the front tires by modifying the tires or their pressures. Load is load. You can shift weight back on the frame, but not sure how you would accomplish that. Then you would be adding weight to the rear tires, so you would be in a Catch 22 situation. Sorry, you aren't old enough to remember Catch 22.
As far as riding it on pavement, you will wear out tires more quickly than off road. We can't advocate riding an unlicensed vehicle on a public road, so you would have to be the judge.
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The fact that your front tires are wearing means that your driving style needs the traction.
If you reduce the pressure on the front tires to prevent wear that means you will have to either slow down a lot or loose control.

Your front tires are working hard for you.................enjoy but don't get hurt!
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ok, i was just wondering because its a pain to like buy new tires every so often, but thanks alot for the information, appreciate it.
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The is hard on the tires and wears them out faster then off roading, but you could also have a alinement problem too, causing the tires to wear faster on the road the you won't notice as fast off road.

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