B&S 5 hp fun power for go-cart


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B&S 5 hp fun power for go-cart

Hey, I am trying to get my 5hp B&S engine going for my go cart. So far I have cleaned the gas tank and the carb. I had a stuck valve - it is now moving freely like it should. I put everything back together and it wont start. I took the spark plug off and it has spark. I checked the spark plug hole and it has good compression, I put gas in at the hole of the spark plug and put it back in and it wouldnt fire. It did come close but would not fully fire. I then took the air filter off and sprayed starter fluid into the carb. It spit the fluid back at me, I thought it should suck in not blow out ?? any thoughts? Thanks for responding in advance.
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How did you check compression? Did you just put your finger over the hole or did you use a compression test gauge? Also, how did you free the stuck valve? I've had great luck with Sea Foam, that stuff is amazing. Be careful with starting fluid, wear safety glasses & be cautious as a backfire could cause you injury. Sounds like you might still have a sticking valve. If you've got spark & fuel then I would think something with the valves...


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