alpha sports LG50


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alpha sports LG50

I am presently working on my grandsons LG50 quad. It has run super until this year. When you give it the throttle it dies out. It will idle ok but will not take the gas. Any help would be appreciated.
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Comes down to cleaning/fixing the fuel delivery to the engine. Usually it's in the carburetor where there is enough fuel for the idle circuit to operate, but he main jetting for the above idle speed s are plugged with varnish. It can be dirt, but if the filters have been in place and you always put in clean fuel, it's likely the varnish. Today's fuels have a short shelf life and separate quickly.

A good product for a do-it-yourselfer who doesn't like to get into tearing it apart is to try Sea Foam from an auto parts store. It's a fuel system cleaner that works very well. Since you have an idle, you could probably just add it to the gas, start it and let it clean itself out. If it didn't straighten out after an hour, you'd have to look at other areas of the fuel system, like the lines coming into the carb, etc. But most likely it's varnish in the carb itself.

There's other cleaners you can use, but I use the Sea Foam most frequently with good results.

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