polaris 350 trailboss starter


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polaris 350 trailboss starter

I installed a new starter and bendix. the bendix kicks in then out within 2 seconds of rolling the motor over. Is the bendix bad?
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That's a possibility. In that case the bendix isn't actually kicking out, it's just stripped inside and can't stand the torque of the starter cranking on the engine. So the gear teeth of the bendix (starter drive) are still engaged with the flywheel, but just can't turn it past a couple revs. Replacing the bendix would be the only fix.

Another possibility is the bendix isn't engaging the flywheel fully and can't turn it off the end of the bendix teeth. If that was the case alignment of the starter to the engine would be the problem and the stripping would occur between the bendix teeth and the flywheel.

Normally that causes starter noise and is brought about by improper shimming of the starter to the mount. If there were no shims, and no starter noise (other than when it strips) then the first case scenario is the most likely and the bendix is bad.

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