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More Power Captain!

My boys have a Manco go~cart from TSC, it's the bigger one, it has the 150cc Subaru engine, forward, reverse, roll cage, seats 2 w/ the full spring suspension.
The problem is it won't start all the time. Battery is good. it's like a loose wire won't engauge the starter. I know it could be 1000 different things but has anybody else had this problem? I'm thinking it's the ingnition switch but not sure, any help would be great!! \
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You need to do some hands on checking with a volt meter. It could be a loose wire, or it could be dirty contacts in the ignition / starter switch, or something else.

Start by eliminating things and see what you find. Post back when you narrow it down a bit.
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I like to start at the battery. First confirm that the battery is good. It must be able to deliver sufficient current under load. Even if the battery has good voltage it might be too weak to turn the starter & engine. An auto parts store should check if for you for free. Next from the battery I follow the current through the system. Since you say the problem is intermittent you will have to catch it when it's not working.

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