yamaha gas golf cart won't move


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yamaha gas golf cart won't move

I have a yamaha gas golf cart...it ran great other then needing to pull the choke sometimes to keep it going. Then one day it just stopped when driving it. It won't do anything when i press the gas pedal. I had the battery tested and checked spark plug...any ideas?
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The motor runs but it doesn't move?
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First I would check the key switch. If it is off or malfunctioning the cart will not run or do anything except make the beep tone when in reverse.


Just a couple weeks ago someone swore their cart was screwing up. I drove it around. Starting, stopping... and it worked fine. The owner was new to golf carts so I asked her to give me a ride. As she drove me around starting and stopping it worked perfectly. Then I suddenly distracted her and we jumped off to look at something. As we quickly stopped she turned off the key without even thinking about it. When we got back in the cart it would not go and she said "see, there, it's not working". Turned the key switch back to on and it worked fine.

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