48 V club car controller


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48 V club car controller

the motor on my club car was replaced twice last year because of bearings failure. the one warrentry replaced them. now the motor that was installed in nov, 2012 has failed and the repairman says the rotor burned up. he now thinks that the controller may be the cauce, and if so, the warrenty may not apply. my understanding of the controller is that it is simply a high speed (thousnds per sec.) on off switch that varies the on/off ratio to control the voltage delivered to the motor. i don't see how this could cause the rotor to burn up. i suggested that maybe the motor was not aligned properly and that put an unusual load on the bearings causing the rotor to sieze. am I missing something?
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Yes......the controller uses PWM (pulse width modulation) and does turn the power on and off to the motor based on desired speed.

I wouldn't think the controller would be causing a motor issue in your case. Possibly the replacement motor was an undersized device ?

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