1984 Columbia will not run 1 cylinder 2 stroke


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Question 1984 Columbia will not run 1 cylinder 2 stroke

I have a 84 columbia cruiser golf cart that won't start. fuel pump is pumping,fuel getting to cylinder as plug is wet (black oily).I have good spark Tested the compression and it was 90. I replaced cyl base gasket and head gasket.Same reading of 90. I added small amount of oil into plug hole and comp came up to 120.
still wont start even with starting fuid. Just before it quit running the thing would start and run but was acting as if the gas pedal was stuck wide open. Maybe sucking air from somewhere? When it was running it always seemed to want to be choked even after warm but seemed to run ok aside from that.
When I had the jug off the 3 piston rings were shiny and looked uniform and intact and yes i am kicking myself for not checking the play, but i can do that easy enough by pulling the head. There was no visible scratching or scarring on piston or cylinder The top of the piston and inside of head were sooty black. Not sure what to try next, Thank you all in advance.Any help much appreciated.

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Check the carb for a float valve that is stuck open or a leaky float that has filled with gas. Either condition will flood the cylinder.
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Thank you Goldstar, I have long suspected the float/carb because even when it was running I always had to keep the choke engaged a bit to make it run smooth even after warm up. Now having said that, if it was the float or carb wouldn't it at least fire when i spray starting fluid in carb or gas in the plug hole in head? It wont even try when I do these two things...Thanks again Gold for your fast response and your time....

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