Caroli Kart Honda Gx270 9 HP


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Caroli Kart Honda Gx270 9 HP

Hello All

I have question for you, I have a Caroli Kart with Honda Gx 270 9 HP engine, the Kart is for outdoor racing.

When I drive it on a straight line it feels that the engine can run faster, I think there is some kind of a limiter.?

I was thinking to remove the governor or adjust it so the engine runs faster.

Before I remove the governor is there some other way to adjust the engine without going out of the standart engine parameters???

I think the engine is from 2006 and its limited to 3600 rpm.

I hope you can help me with this problem

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Best regards
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Yes there is a governor and removing it will allow the engine to rev faster. First though I would start by looking for anything that limits the throttle movement. It could be a bolt at the accelerator pedal that prevents it from being depressed any further or it can be a screw on the carburetor that prevents the throttle from opening anymore.

If you will be running the engine harder and turning it faster lubrication becomes even more important. I would change the oil often and use a full synthetic lubricant.

The kart can also be tuned by changing the sprocket sizes on the engine and drive shaft. Essentially changing your gear ratio. You can set the cart up for acceleration or top speed, whichever offers the most benefit on your track.

There may be some adjusting you can do with the governor. Possibly modifying the linkage between the governor (comes out the side of the engine's case) and carburetor. Removing the linkage will disconnect the governor and protecting the engine will be solely up to the operator/driver. When racing stock engines regularly turn up to 6k or 6.5k rpms without much risk of breaking the connecting rod. Go much above that rpm and the chance of major internal damage rises dramatically.

If you are racing against friends there are many, many ways to speed up the kart. Some visible and some that cannot be seen if you want to be sneaky. Most importantly though is to look at the entire kart. If it was built as a yard toy and intended for speeds up to 20 mph than that's about all it's good for. Going faster, safely will also require upgrading other parts such as the steering and most importantly brakes.
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I would also suggest you investigate a flywheel made for the RPM you will be turning. Serious injury can result from a stock flywheel turning into a grenade. Stiffer valve springs may also be needed for high RPM use. Search online, there is a lot of info available!

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