Which torque converter to buy


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Which torque converter to buy

I have a Go Kart from Tractor Supply and it is a Mango Power Sports (Model# 616B-09) and it originally came w/ a Subaru 169 cc engine. It no longer has an engine, so I picked up a Tecumseh Model# H60-752106 (6 hp). the Go Kart has a sprocket for a chain drive. How do I know which torque converter to get to match the motor to the chassis?
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Since it's chain drive it likely did not have a torque converter. It probably had a centrifugal clutch.

1. You'll first need to find out what the output shaft on your engine is. You'll need to know the shaft diameter and size of key way (I hope you don't have a tapered shaft).

2. Next you'll need to find what size chain the existing sprocket is for and get a clutch to match. It's probably 40/41 or #35

3. Then you need to pick what size sprocket you want on the clutch. They come in different tooth counts and that with the number of teeth on the axle sprocket determine your gear ratio. If you get a clutch with fewer teeth you will have better acceleration but less top end. Get a clutch with more teeth and acceleration will be less but you'll have a higher top speed.
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Thanks for the info Pilot Dane. How do I determine the chain size? Should I take it off? is it stamped?
Also, the Go Kart says right on it that it had a torque converter. The guy I got it from said after the original motor (a Subaru 169cc) burned out, he put on a clutch and it burned out right away.
Would it be too difficult to buy one on Ebay? Should I just go to a Motor Sports Store so they can match it up?


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