Tecumseh Power Sport OHH60 Start Up Problem


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Tecumseh Power Sport OHH60 Start Up Problem

Hello all, I'm new to these site. I have a question. I just bought a used go kart with a 6.5 HP Tecumseh Power Sport OHH60 engine on it and unfortunately I can not get it to start. I noticed that when I bought it the air filter was not present, with that the carb was extremely dirty and noticed the spark plug was fairly dirty as well but still was working. After rebuilding the carb and replacing the air filter I still couldn't get it to work and noticed that gas was leaking back into the air filter. I noticed that the carb was old and tired so instead of trying to fix the problem I just ordered a new carb.

Just installed the new carb.....same issue!!! Leaking gas into air filter. What is the problem and what shout i do to further diagnose the problem!

Please help trying to get this to run for my girlfriends son as it was his birthday present

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You may have multiple issues. Does the engine have spark? When you pull the starter cord smartely do you feel the resistance of the compression stroke and does the engine make a "pugh, pugh" sorta sound like you would expect?

Lastly is fuel. It sounds like neither carburetor is working properly. Even though you've installed a new one I've seem some cheap Chinese ones that were unusable. The leaking gas with both carburetors is possibly the float and needle valve located in the carburetor bowl. I think on that carburetor you also have to make sure that the bowl is turned in the right direction. There is a lower side to provide room for the float to move.
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Yes the engine has a spark.
Yes there is compression and the yes the engine makes a pugh pugh sound.

I have done a deep clean of the carburetor, i've confirmed the float is positioned correctly. Would it really be a carb problem if i poured a bit of gas in the spark plug and still couldn't get it to turn over or start?

I'm completely at a loss!

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